University Joint Course Training,New chapter for Russian Medical Engineering

With the continuous breakthrough of Mindray products in high-end hospitals in Russia, Mindray brand has gradually gained customer recognition in high-end hospitals of Russia, more and more equipment has entered the hospital. For the hospital, how to ensure the sound operation of these high-value equipment and the scientific management of medical equipment has become a matter of great concern to the hospital. For historical reasons, although biomedical engineering department is an important department of hospital equipment support in Russia, it has a small number of people, unclear equipment management responsibilities, long-term dependence on third-party service companies, and the construction of medical engineering system is relatively weak; the rapid development makes the hospital's demand for scientific equipment management imminent.

Mindray's service team is a "eye-catching" team with profound insight and execution. Face such demand, Mindray CIS&ME service team has communicated and investigated in hospitals and medical circles many times in the early stage of service use, from sales to market, from service use to operation, after continuous confirmation and communication, and finally reached the intention of joint medical course training with University, and jointly organized medical treatment The training of working skills will promote the construction of Russian medical equipment management quality system.

For the Russian medical engineering team, there are 20 people on site and 10 people on the Internet. The engineers are from the equipment department of all Russian hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers. They greatly appreciate the products and services of Mindray.
This joint training is the important step in the development of medical workers in Russia, and also a huge attempt to add a strong color to the development of medical workers in Russia, from "runner" to "leader". With the help of this course, Mindray also met more partners in the medical industry circle, seeking opportunities for cooperation .

In the future, the service team in the Middle East region of CIS will make good use of the advantages of the company's platform, continue to organize standardized and professional medical workers' exchanges in the region, expand from the first PMLS product to the three product lines, from the first Russian school enterprise alliance to the all CIS country .

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