High capacity, precise diagnostics
Located in Shandong, one of the most populous provinces in China, Qilu Hospital of Shandong University has served the local citizens for over 125 years. The hospital capacity must match the high demand for healthcare demands with over 3,000 hospital beds, and an outpatient department, established in 1908, that handles more that 2 million outpatients annually.
The puts an enormous amount of pressure on the diagnostics laboratory, both in terms of throughput, and the need for accurate diagnosis of a wide range of pathologies. The lab is a comprehensive facility that provides training and undertakes research projects as well as routine medical diagnoses.
Mindray has provided a wide range of diagnostic solutions for the lab, including hematology analyzers and flow cytometry that have been very effective in offering more diagnostic support for clinical treatments in this high-pressure environment.

Dr Chuanxin Wang, Director of Clinical Laboratory Medicine Center at Qilu Hospital, and Chairman of the Association of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, has been impressed with Mindray’s IVD solutions. “The accuracy and efficiency of the Mindray cellular analysis system is impressive. It perfectly meets lab test needs for up to ten thousand outpatients daily,” he said.

“The number of our daily outpatients is about 10, 000, with very heavy testing pressure. The efficiency and accuracy of Mindray’s blood analysis flow line impressed me deeply. It can help us complete the sample testing demands well.”

Wang Chuanxin, director of Shandong University Qilu Hospital
Vice chairman of the Testing Medical Branch of the Chinese Medical Association
Chairman of the Testing Medical Branch of the Shandong Medical Association
Young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions at the Ministry of Health

Throughput is aided by such advanced features as repeat, rerun and reflex criteria which are pre-defined by users. As a result, Qilu hospital has become the first Mindray Demonstration Lab in China, equipped with a full range of CL-1000i, CAL-8000, BC-5390, BC-6800, Bricyte E6, and LBY-N7500 solutions.

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