How connectivity, precision, and collaboration improve cardiology care for patients

HartKliniek, a chain of medical specialist diagnosis and treatment centres in the Netherlands, aims to transform cardiology to a more effective model – less personnel, more time for patients and connected solutions. Founder Menno and Willem Baars, members of the founding trio, shared with us about the origins of the HartKliniek and how the clinic transformed to an invaluable part to the health care network benefiting patient wellbeing, with Mindray Ultrasound Solutions.

Cardiologists stretched to the max

Cardiology tends to be surrounded by a maze of regulations, responsibilities and red tape. The situation worsens when a cardiologist usually spreads his or her eight-hour shift across 50 patients at hospitals. Excessive time pressure had led to the fact that, frequently, the correct diagnosis was not made during the first work-up and the cardiologists had to see the patients several times.

The entire patient management system and facility technologies among hospitals, GP and clinics need to become more efficient, expanding the possibilities for better patient and medical staff experiences.

HartKliniek is at the forefront of these transformations. Dr. Menno Baars has been experimenting to make the clinics more efficient and smarter, by adhering to low-complexity procedures in his clinics. So bigger hospitals can focus on patients with severe illness, and specialists in the near institutions can take in patients when stents, ablation or a bypass are in need.

Connectivity: offering streamlined workflow

HartKliniek now has 20 Mindray ultrasound systems across the centres. The digital backbone is a DICOM PACS which serves as a platform for the images generated. The ability to share image data across the HartKliniek centres and with external hospitals enhances the cooperation between the institutions and saves time and money by reducing unnecessary repetition of ultrasound exams.

“We find that the patients benefit from the advanced imaging possibilities provided by the Mindray ultrasound systems,” says Baars, “connectivity enables a smarter working environment, which can be used to enhance workflow and enable diagnostic confidence.”

Precision: delivering diagnostic confidence from reliable visualization

With dedicated applications designed for heart, such as Echo Boost enabling visualization of myocardium tissue layers, diagnosis and measurements are more accurate and provided faster, enabling better turnaround times for the clinics.

The tissue tracking with quantitative analysis on Mindray M9 ultrasound system significantly improves tracking accuracy and effectiveness, allows for a simple, quick and non-invasive solution for the evaluation of left ventricular wall motion abnormalities.

Collaboration: capability to adapt needs for smooth adoption

After a thorough evaluation of multiple ultrasound solution from different brands, HartKliniek selected Mindray M9. “The solution scored not only for its excellent high resolution displays, but also for its configurable capability to perfectly fit the cardiologists’ requirements. For example, cardiologists can give valuable feedback to the company to further gear the systems towards applications needed in the cardiology setting.

Additionally, the Stress Echo package is supported by a flexible reporting system that can be optimized for cardiologists’ individual needs, for pharmacological stress and exercise stress echo.

“Realizing the value to move the ultrasound device across multiple clinical scenarios has saved time and lowered the cost,” Baars says. “And the M9s can be easily transported and stored due to its portable design.”

The benefits are patent with Mindray’s connected, advanced and collaborative cardiovascular ultrasound solutions. All the centres are able to operate profitably, as cardiologists are working with more efficient workflow and faster decision making for patients. This approach is well-received with the patients, as positive feedback shows - the HartKliniek centres boast top scores in patient satisfaction across the whole Netherlands.

About Dr. Menno Baars

Menno Baars is founder and CEO of HartKliniek, a chain of specialist medical diagnosis and treatment centers for cardiovascular diseases in the Netherlands. Born in Utrecht, Baars obtained his medical degree at the University of Utrecht and Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA. After gathering practical work experience as a general cardiologist in hospitals during for almost 20 years, he started HartKliniek in 2014. Along his medical expertise, Baars is also an internationally renowned artist with his paintings being displayed in worldwide art exhibitions.


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