Mindray in Bordeaux France: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Bordeaux: a cocktail of old and new

"An intoxicating cocktail of 18th-century savoir-faire, millennial hi-tech and urban street life, France's sixth largest city is among Europe's most exciting and gutsy players." --Lonely Planet

The Cathedral of Saint Andrew (left) and the Wine Museum (right), representing respectively the ancient and modern side of Bordeaux.

A perfectly apt description of Bordeaux, a French wine-region fascinating every visitor with its charming mix of age-old architecture and sassy modern culture. It is a place where tradition meets modernity like nowhere else.

Hospital Center of Libourne: inheritance and innovation

The Hospital Center of Libourne, situated in the heart of the Bordeaux region, Gironde department, enjoys a long and rich history itself. Founded in 1912, the hundred-year-old facility is made up of three main establishments, the Sabatié Foundation, Robert Boulin Hospital and Garderose Hospital, with a total of more than 1,300 beds. It opens its door to a varied population, covering a large area from the east of Bordeaux to the borders of Dordogne and Charentes.

The newly refurbished building of the Hospital Center of Libourne takes on a modern look.

Rich in its remarkable past, the facility is also firmly focused on the future.

Since its foundation, the Hospital Center of Libourne has undergone several major renovations and extensions in order to provide better healthcare services to a larger population in the area. It is today one of the main hospital centers in New Aquitaine. With the unaltered promise of better patient care, the hospital is constantly evolving to rise up to new challenges.
One of the challenges faced by its laboratory is the extensive amount of patient samples, which is around 400 to 500 per day. When the hospital finished its refurbishment in 2017, they decided to upgrade their medical equipment, including that of the laboratory. "One of our expectations is fast delivery of test results," said Dr. Nadine Dubosc-Marchenay, co-head of the hematology department.

The laboratory at the Hospital Center of Libourne processes a large amount of hematology samples every day.

When talking about Bordeaux's unique culture heritage and tradition, Dr. Dubosc could hardly conceal her pride and love towards the region like any Bordelais. As a caregiver, she demands no less than the highest level of quality both in clinical practice and diagnostic devices.

The laboratory was on the lookout globally for a leading hematology solution provider, with Mindray on the list. With outstanding efficiency and reliable performance, Mindray CAL 8000 Cellular Analysis Line was selected out of a lineup of top-ranking brands. The intelligent workstation, which integrates two BC-6800 Auto Hematology Analyzers and one SC-120 Auto Slide Maker & Stainer, has proven its robustness and reliability since installation, said Dr. Dubosc. "Our staff adapted themselves very quickly to this new technology,” she added.

The introduction of Mindray CAL 8000 Cellular Analysis Line helps the laboratory streamline workflow and enhance efficiency of hematology testing.

The laboratory, like any European institutions, sets a high benchmark of result quality and standardization. "The method verification of CAL 8000 chain has been made in accordance to the current legal requirements in France," commented Dr. Dubosc. The labXpert Data Management Software on the platform, which can automatically perform sample validation and analysis, is among the many merits that won over the caregivers.

“The installation of the CAL 8000 hematology chain allows us to optimize the technician work from pre to post analytic.It is a wonderful tool in the standardization of the results delivery for our patients.”

Mindray: modern technology facilitating better healthcare

Guided by the philosophy of better healthcare for all and ALL labs matter, Mindray has been at the forefront of innovation in the medical device industry. While in pursuit of technological improvements, it respects the tradition and uniqueness of each laboratory and delivers the most customized solution to facilitate better healthcare for all. It is with such firm commitment that Mindray's In-Vitro Diagnostics Solution, its hematology products in particular, has won the recognition of top-tier hospitals and laboratories globally, among which are many prestigious European healthcare facilities like the Hospital Center of Libourne, France.


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