Mindray in Indonesia: Making Quality Healthcare More Accessible
Indonesia is capturing people’s attention with the Asian Games this year, but don’t forget another impressive aspect of the country – it is the largest economy in Southeast Asia with GDP of over 1 trillion USD. However, it still has a relatively low GDP per capita, with income inequality and uneven resource distribution, particularly in the healthcare sector.

The country currently has a population of over 261 million and a total of 2,667 hospitals offering 326,424 beds, according to the Indonesia Ministry of Health. This means that for every 1,000 Indonesians, there are only 1.2 beds available, and most of these medical facilities are highly concentrating in the 5 major cities.

As for the status quo: healthcare demand is surging, inpatient facilities are expanding, and the service needs to be more affordable.

McDonald’s-like Prices, Five Star Hotel-like Service

Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village was established in 1996, with advanced clinical centers in cardiology, neuroscience, orthopedics and radiosurgery etc.

Siloam Hospitals Group, founded by one of the best-known Indonesian billionaires Dr. Mochtar Riady, has a keen ambition of providing equitable access to quality and affordable healthcare across Indonesia. Owning 35 hospitals and with more than 11,000 medical professionals serving over 1 million patients annually, the Group is not complacent about what they have already achieved. In fact, they are seeking to achieve its ambition by building more hospitals in 35 capital cities across the country in the next 5 years, with plans to expand to smaller towns thereafter.
The successful financial magnate was once asked why he decided to set his sights on healthcare. Surely this was a market full of potential and opportunities, but the reason was more than that. Growing up in the countryside, he knew of the pain of losing family members because of the lack of hospitals and doctors in rural areas. So, now he wants to take on this important social responsibility and sets three aims for Siloam: “Singapore Airlines-like standard*, McDonald’s-like prices, and five star hotel-like service”.

*Singapore Airlines is ranked as the number 1 world’s best airline for 2018 by Skytrax.

Not just the Products, It’s the Solution

In this progressive hospital group, Mindray solutions can be spotted in every department of every hospital. It may be a bit unusual for a hospital to be a fan of a particular brand, but it does seem like it in the case of Siloam. The hospital is utilizing almost a full spectrum of Mindray products. Impressively, Mindray’s outstanding 1 solution has also been installed in different departments from the ICU to the ER and OR, providing clinically appropriate support and high quality service to clinicians based on needs.

Siloam started the firm partnership with Mindray about 7 years ago when the group just opened 5 new hospitals and was searching for integrated solutions for each department. At the time when medical device deals were still mostly product-oriented in the market, the comprehensive Mindray solutions were decidedly impressive, particularly the OR solution.

Mindray OR solution

The innovative OR solution provides a full set of reliable monitoring and life support systems that can free anesthetists from technical concerns or data access problems, and allow them to concentrate on the patients throughout the entire surgery. It also integrates additional surgical units such as surgical lights, operating tables and medical supply units.

All these devices work perfectly well with each other as a comprehensive solution, making equipment procurement significantly easier and more cost-effective. Most importantly, this allows clinical workflow to become remarkably more efficient.

The Robust Partnership That Began with Some Apprehension

However, the cooperation between Mindray did not get off to a good start.

When Mindray was first introduced to the doctors and nurses, they didn’t have much faith in this unheard-of brand. However, having tried out four sets of surgical equipment in the OR already, very soon the uncertainty and reluctance were completely dissipated by the sheer quality of the Mindray products and service.

The devices were stable and easy to use, providing reliable and precise patient data; the customer service team was reliable and highly responsive to their needs; and sufficient training was given to staff to ensure quick understanding of processes and operations – an entirely different experience from what they originally expected.
“It improves our efficiency, so that we can pay more attention to our patients,” Kusumawardhani, the In-patient Care Manager of Siloam Hospitals Lippo Village said.
Soon the partnership strengthened and hospital staff quickly replaced old equipment in other departments with Mindray solutions. “Mindray is now widely recognized by the medical industry in Indonesia as having the capability of competing with the brands from Europe, US and Japan. It has many advantages,” Dr. Mochtar Riady said.

Today, Mindray is continuously supporting the Siloam Group to explore its full potential with quality equipment, professional staff training and education, and many other value-added services. Consistent with our vision, Mindray will continue our commitment to making quality healthcare more accessible for people in need across the world.

Just as Dr. Mochtar Riady concluded, “I believe that Mindray will play a significant role in the future healthcare market.”

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