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As a global company, not only does Mindray’s product line cover a broad range of devices from patient monitoring and life support, In-vitro diagnostics, and medical imaging through to surgery support equipment, Mindray’s products also reach the four corners of the world.
In today's modern Turkey, private hospitals are enjoying increasing excellence in clinical performance as well as market share, which means equipment selection criteria are also being raised. The Liv Hospital Group in Turkey’s capital Ankara is a relatively new establishment with 16 member hospitals, but its top-notch clinical capability and dedication in providing high-level medical services to all patients has earned it a great deal of respect. Installation of five Mindray HyBase 8500 high-end operating tables and thorough training applied across three departments of urology, orthopedics and neurosurgery has received very positive feedback. "The HyBase 8500 is the perfect match for the Da Vinci surgical robot,” commented one Urology surgeon. The capability to allow unobstructed C-arm scanning is a real help to surgeons during spine surgery. The table's overall compatibility with advanced instruments in modern-day OR makes it the perfect answer to surgeon's clinical needs.
Further in southern Europe, the renowned Spedali Civili di Brescia Azienda Ospedaliera in Brescia is the second best hospital in Italy in the ranking of 2013, recognized for the excellence in teaching and clinical research. With 1200 beds and 25 operating rooms, the hospital has embraced Mindray’s operating room solutions with 50 units of the HyPort 6000 and 14 units of the HyPort 8000Ⅱ.
Burdenko Neurosurgery Centre, named after the pioneering surgeon and academician Nikolay Nilovich Burdenko, is the second largest neurosurgery clinic in the world with a history dating back to 1932. Over the decades, it has grown to include 16 operating theaters, including four X-ray and one ENT operating rooms equipped with 15 HyPort 3000 units and 12 HyPort 8000 units, illuminated by eight HyLED 9 lighting systems.
One thing in common amongst healthcare providers in both highly developed and developing countries is the desire for high quality medical equipment within a reasonable budget, and Mindray’s operating theatre solutions are a perfect match across all levels of healthcare.

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