BeneFusion 3 Series

Improved Care with Ease of Use

Quick Guide

On-screen instructions help caregivers quickly master the correct operation, minimizing operation errors that could result in safety problems.

Graphical Alarm

Assists clinical professionals to easily trace and correct issues without delay.

Total Volume Collection

Allows medical staff to figure out and record the infused volume with ease, so that they can focus more on patient care by getting rid of the complex and tedious operation for recording.

Flexible Docking Station

The integrated work station facilitates a worry-free bedside management of multiple pumps.

Improved Care with Accurate and Safe Infusion

High-accuracy detection sensors: assist in identifying risks and dangers caused by occlusion and air bubbles, contributing to a safe infusion.

Dynamic Pressure System (DPS): monitors the pressure with numeric and graphic illustration to help caregivers identify occlusion in advance to prevent potential risks.

Anti-bolus: helps prevent over-infusion of drugs upon release of the occlusion.

Fast start: enables the first drop to be delivered in 2 to 3 seconds, ensuring a timely treatment.

Titration: changes flow rate easily without stopping the pump, allowing for continuous infusion of drugs.

Pressure Detector Minimum


Air sensor Minimum


first drop

2 to 3 s

Improved Care with Accurate and Safe Infusion

BeneFusion SP3 helps to smooth the process when transferring patients during pre-hospital and in-hospital activities, saving a great amount of time for taking care of patients.

Easy to carry: weighing only 1.45kg, it is portable and convenient to carry around.

Long-lasting battery: the battery life is long-lasting enough to last up to 12 hours.

IP34 protection: high level of resistance to water and dust guarantees great durability.

Ambulance application: meets EN-1789 standard for ambulance application.


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